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Announcing: Do they make coffins that small?

Alex is proud to announce to the release of her new book available through Coventry Press

What it is like to do a funeral? Are you ready to sit with people in their darkest moments? These are the kinds of questions that Alex Sangster struggled with as she began her journey as an ordained minister in the Uniting Church in Australia. And the journey continues.

I am a proud and passionate Greens member and Northsider, who has lived, worked and raised my family on the lands of the Wurrundjeri people for the last 15 years. 

I believe that the local is where global change can seed, grow and flourish and also that those of us who can-must. I have been a minister with the Uniting Church for over 20 years working in areas of justice, advocacy and social inclusion.

I am deeply committed to working for climate justice, refugees rights and older people experiencing abuse and social isolation. Most recently I was the leader at the Uniting Church in Fairfield - the one with the community garden and rainbow steps! Currently I spend my days working with those living with mental illness and wrestling with the anxiety of insecure housing and loneliness down in St Kilda.

I want to be part of grass roots transformation for our local community and to contribute to the awesome work that has been, and is already being done, to help us all to be part of sustainable and meaningful communities. I believe that loneliness doesn’t just happen and that our current capitalist and hyper individualised system is having profoundly toxic and heartbreaking impacts on us all. 

I am deeply committed to the fight for public housing and spaces for community to gather and I am committed to the ongoing care of our natural world as THE most vital and essential work of justice and grace.


- Ordained minister of the Word Uniting Church Australia

- Spiritual Director

- Placements: Habitat, Northcote, Fairfield, St Kilda South Port.

- Assembly Advocate for Working for Justice

- Chaplain to In Good Faith Foundation (working with surviours of Clergy Sexual Assault)


Long term member with Love Makes A Way (fighting for Refugee and Asylum Seeker Rights)

Long Term ARRC (Australian Religious Response to Climate Change)

Soul and Story

Long term Facilitator and Actor with Melbourne Playback

Narrative Therapist


Upside Downside- radio play ABC

Diaster Diaries- online

Magpie Musings- online

Progressive Pods- Podcast

Do they make coffins that small -Coventry Press (publishing early 2024)